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Coping with a frame

Coping With a FrameBeing fitted with a frame can be very debilitating. Some people can go from being fairly mobile, depending on the extent of their injury or deformity, to being unable to move around without crutches and a wheelchair. Your mobility will also be affected by the size of your frame and its location. Some people even require more than one frame at the same time.

You will find that wearing a frame will affect you physically and psychologically. You have to deal with what led you to having a frame fitted in the first place. Once the frame is on you have to contend with the reactions of other people and being an object of curiosity.

Over time most people find that they can get around fairly well with a frame and you will be encouraged to use your limb as much as possible, particularly once it is in its corrected position. You will also be given instructions on physically managing your frame before you leave hospital and information about what to do if you need help once you are home.

You can find more information in this section of the website, as well as suggestions for how you can seek psychological support if you find the emotional aspects of being fitted with a frame difficult.
What is limb reconstruction?
Limb reconstruction is a term that covers all sorts of treatments for injured or deformed limbs, many of them using external fixators. More >
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